• Projection of Malcom X on wall, artist Nsenga Knight and Translator Samah Gafar in from of audience of Cairenes at the COntemporary Image Collective in Cairo Egypt. Nsenga Knight performs her X Speaks performance art and social practice work
  • text painting with luminous circular text in foreground and black linear text in background
  • Nsenga Knight Other Stars Don't behave so drawing expresses the complex ideas of abstraction in both Islamic art and in Al Baruni's drawing about the moon cycle. As a Black Muslim woman artist she is influenced by the Islamic art and science traditions as well as western abstraction
  • Black and White photograph of African American woman holding a date in one hand and a cup of water in the next
  • Black and White fine art photograph of an African American Muslim woman wearing hijab. Her head is down . She is making zhikr

See Nsenga Knight’s available artwork

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