Nsenga Knight: (Social) Projects

Starting in Fall 2020, Nsenga Knight: (Social) Projects is a series of live-streamed conversations and studio visits from the artist’s at-home workspace (or dining room table) in Cairo, Egypt. A native New Yorker, Knight moved to Egypt in the Fall of 2016 and due to the COVID-19 pandemic social distancing she was not able to make her annual return home to visit family and friends, or to conduct in-person studio visits.

The latest of Knight’s social practice projects, Nsenga Knight: (Social) Projects develops out of her desire to connect to family, friends and community through a specific medium about critical topics related to the Black community, artistic innovation, and Islamic rituals. In the case of Nsenga Knight: (Social) Projects, they discuss their connections to her art projects from far away places over various social media platforms.

Upcoming Events:

Nsenga Knight x Jamal Cyrus (Artist): Zoom/ Facebook Live, 2pm EST October 8, 2020

Nsenga Knight x Annah Lee (Director of Artistic Programs, Artspace): IG Live, 2pm EST October 15, 2020  


Past Events:

Nsenga Knight x Angelica Lindsey Ali (The Village Aunty): IG Live, 5pm EST, September 22nd, 2020


Social Media handles:

Instagram: @nsengaknight

Facebook: @nsengaknight

Twitter: @Nsenga_K