Feb 8th: “Time is On the Side of the Africans Against Exploitation and Oppression,” Ali Khaffu and Youssef Carter

“Time is On the Side of the Africans Against Exploitation and Oppression,”
Feb 08, 1965
Ali Khaffu, Brazil & Youssef Carter, Durham, NC

Youssef J. Carter is a doctoral candidate in the department of Anthropology at the University of California-Berkeley. For the past several years, he has served as founding co-chair of the African Diaspora Studies Symposium, an annual meeting recently re-named in honor of the late Dr. Sylvia M. Jacobs, at North Carolina Central University. Youssef has also served as an educator at virtually all levels of academia that have included both youth and more experienced learners. Regarding research, he is interested in what the circulation of religious material, aesthetics, communal invocations, song composition, and bodily performance can reveal about diaspora, memory, and religious subjectivity. Therefore, his current project looks closely at interactions among Muslims of varying African descent and the co-construction of a diasporic spiritual network, specifically in the context of a transnational Sufi order.

Ali Khaffu is a Black Brazilian Muslim activist, biologist and musician. Ali Khaffu states, “My career began in his teens as an activist within a instituiçõ n Pelotas city linked to african-Brazilian culture called Griô, optimal experience for my gformação as militant. Also in music history’m gravnado my second album at the time d rap, funk music, soul and samba. I reverted to Islam to one year, I am Sunni Maliki.”