Art as an ally for Black Muslim Women

I’m a Black Muslim female visual artist, so yes, I live a very creative life with lots of art of my own making around me, but you don’t need to be an “Artist” in order to live a creative life; you can always express your creativity by being with art  more often. You can deepenContinue reading “Art as an ally for Black Muslim Women”

Malcolm X in Cairo, Egypt 1964

Happy Birthday to Malcolm X! From Cairo, with love. “My heart is in Cairo” – Malcom X ( el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (ٱلْحَاجّ مَالِك ٱلشَّبَازّ‎, ) Malcolm X had already visited Egypt 3 times in the 1960’s it is during these visits that he started to meet with officials and gave interviews. In Cairo, he attendedContinue reading “Malcolm X in Cairo, Egypt 1964”

Black Muslims and the Ahmadiyya of Philly

Back in 2012 I worked with Scribe Video Center in Philadelphia as a film production facilitator for their Muslim Voices of Philadelphia project. I worked with the Ahmadiyya community there to teach them filmmaking skills so that they could tell the story of their own community. Below is a a sample of the film theyContinue reading “Black Muslims and the Ahmadiyya of Philly”

Three artworks available from the Last Rite series

My Last Rite series (pictured above) reflects on Malcom X’s janaza (Islamic funeral rituals). During a a very scary time in the Black community – for Black Muslims who followed Malcom X especially, key people in the Black Muslim community stepped up to lead this important Islamic ritual and courageous Black Christian leaders offered theirContinue reading “Three artworks available from the Last Rite series”

Newly Available Photography and Prints for Sale & My Recent Interview on Creatives Making Moves Podcast

I want you to be among the first to know about the newly available photography and prints on my website. You’ll find both signed Limited Edition photography and prints along with unsigned fine art prints available. All works are in archival quality paper and available to ship to you anywhere in the world. Also, myContinue reading “Newly Available Photography and Prints for Sale & My Recent Interview on Creatives Making Moves Podcast”

Is it really true?

Or, maybe the better question is, “is it true for you?” I’m questioning alot about the Black History narrative these days, especially when it comes to loss and memory. The more I dig into my family history, the more I see folks remembering; and the more I keep sharing, the more my friends start sharingContinue reading “Is it really true?”

From Strange Fruit to Fruit of Islam

Nsenga Knight interviewing Alberta at Masjid Abdul Muhsi Khalifah in Brooklyn for As the Veil Turns, 2007, Black and White 35mm photography/ Archival Pigment Print, 30 x 20 inches