Plateaus Series at Dimin Gallery in NYC

I participated in a group show at Dimin Gallery NYC that ran from April 27 to May 27, 2023 where I showed my Plateaus series. Plateaus is an ongoing, non-linear series of abstract photographs that build upon my interest in historical archives, abstraction and the expansive possibilities of photography. I’m always thinking about the inner-workings and spiritual aspects of our existence. In the Plateaus series I reflect on the Sufi concept of creation as a continuous process of Divine manifestation that occurs in every moment.  

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Installation shots from Surface Level at Dimin Gallery. Courtesy of Dimin Gallery.

While living overseas in Egypt for the past six years, I saw very few of the American exhibitions I participated in so it’s a special treat to be back in NY and to be showing my work in my hometown while residing here. When I saw all the artwork from the seven artists in the Surface Level exhibition together I felt like there is a powerful conversation happening about feeling and the ability to convey and express the spiritual essence and nature of ourselves which connects us. I believe that if you can allow yourself to feel without being distracted by or directed to representational signifiers, you can heighten your ability to connect with others from the heart in spite of their race, religion, or nationality – things that we often wrongly use to divide ourselves. We can instead appreciate one another for the most essential nature of who we actually are, spiritual beings in various forms. For me, this is the power of abstraction. The Plateaus series is still available through Dimin Gallery’s website.

You can Inquire about Plateaus #1 and Plateaus #2. The Surface Level show is actually one of the few commercial gallery exhibitions I’ve participated in recently. That being said, I do want a person who connects to the energy of my work to bring it into their life, their home, or their workspace and to be inspired and elevated by the work. Every conversation I have about my artwork whether it’s with a curator, a family member, a friend in my studio, or one of my collectors is insightful for me too.

Nsenga Knight 2016, Plateau #1, Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemule paper facemounted to none-glare Plexiglass and back-mounted to dibond with aluminum brace and cleat on back, 32 x 40 in


Nsenga Knight, 2019, Plateau #2: The Eternal Now, Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemule paper facemounted to none-glare Plexiglass and back-mounted to dibond with aluminum brace and cleat on back, 32 x 40 in
My dream collector is a Black Muslim athlete – pioneers of our time like Ibtihaj Muhammad. It’s not easy to be the first, to trailblaze and show that it’s possible for yourself and others, and to do so in spite of all the naysayers and people who just don’t get why you are so passionate in the first place. She and others like her (from other fields too) inspire me and I’d like for my artwork to inspire them too. If you are a collector, or you can connect me to my dream collector, please get in touch.
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