Still Alive, Alhamdullilah

Was there ever a period of your life where your first thought upon waking up was “I’m still alive, alhamdullilah.”? That’s how Bisan Wizard, a Palestinian activist, filmmaker, and content creator, starts her messages on her Instagram broadcasting channel where she shares updates about herself and her community in real time as they face Israeli attacks, genocideContinue reading “Still Alive, Alhamdullilah”

One Body.

One of my personal highest values is connection. It’s a running thread in all of my artistic projects, and it’s what motivates me to create art in the first place; to move from inspiration to action. Art is my way of connecting to my higher self, and aligning my mind, body, and spirit with the world.Continue reading “One Body.”

Never Again

I – a Black Caribbean American Muslim woman from East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York, attended public school where the vast majority of my teachers were Jewish, although most of my school’s student bodies was about 99.99% Black. In school, they taught us more about their suffering via the holocaust than our own Black American or African history. And itContinue reading “Never Again”

Honoring Indigenous People Day!

Today we come together to celebrate and commemorate the rich cultures and histories of the Indigenous American Peoples. My practice is hugely influenced by culture and history, and I’ve emphasized time and time again the necessity of connecting to them. This doesn’t just stop at our individual communities. Communities come together to shape society, andContinue reading “Honoring Indigenous People Day!”

Bilalian Night at the Museum

Thank you to everyone who braved the rain and joined me at the Queens Museum for Muhammad School of Language and Martial Arts: Bilalian Night at the Museum. We had a full house on Saturday and the event was a success, Alhamdullilah! Having as many people as I can participate in public events like this one isContinue reading “Bilalian Night at the Museum”

Join Us on September 23rd at the Queens Museum!

I’m excited to announce I’ll be hosting an event at the Queens Museum on September 23rd, from 6-9PM.  The Bilalian Night at the Museum is an evening focused on preserving the Black Muslim legacy that’s organized as part my social practice project Muhammad School of Language and Martial Arts. You can RSVP here. The Bilalian Night at the Museum showcases an archive thatContinue reading “Join Us on September 23rd at the Queens Museum!”

Hello From Guyana!

I’m currently visiting Guyana with my family: my mom, 3 out of my five sisters, aunt Diane, my son Muruwah and my daughter Sajda. My mother and aunt Diane are Guyanese, and this is my mom’s first time returning to her home country since she was 12 years old. I’ve been balancing participating in the MuslimsContinue reading “Hello From Guyana!”

Traveling To Guyana With My Mother

It’s been a while since I wrote a post on this blog. I hope you missed reading it as much as I have missed posting on here. I’m always happy to stay connected with you and I pray we continue to add value to one other and our communities. Last week was so hectic and wentContinue reading “Traveling To Guyana With My Mother”

Eating Around Queens

As you know, I have been a practicing artist for many years now, 15+ years and counting insha’allah. I have had the pleasure to both live in and travel to many countries, and I’ve always felt comfortable around different people. A small favorite indulgence of mine has been, and still is, trying out new cuisines and samplingContinue reading “Eating Around Queens”


Last weekend a street in Jamaica, Queens was named after SWAM House of Discipline, one of the oldest, and most popular martial arts dojos led by African American Muslims. It was so inspiring and uplifting to spend the weekend at SWAM to honor and celebrate them and their leader Sijo Mutakabbir who is such a visionary.Continue reading “A STREET NAMED SWAM WAY.”