Site updates, Artworks available, and recording from (Social) Projects x Jamal Cyrus

Salaams and hi there! Thanks for being here. Did you notice anything new about me? I’m talking about “me” as in my website?

Well, I have a new look, and I’ve added some new projects to my site. One of the projects, Muhammad School of Language and Martial Arts is not new. It is a 2015 social practice and installation project I created at Project Rowhouses in Houston, TX inspired by the Black Muslim mosque I grew up in and it’s school – the Sister Clara Muhammad School, which is the longest running network of Black owned schools in the United States.

As the Veil Turns: Ashura

I’ve updated the As the Veil Turns project page to share that all of the photos from this series are now available for purchase at Artfare.

Nsenga Knight 2020 Selfie at home in Cairo, Egypt

I’ve also added my new and ongoing project Nsenga Knight: (Social) Projects to the site. ( Social) Projects is all about using art as a medium to connect with others. I believe that art is a means of connection – to the Creator, to oneself, and to others. In that vein, sometimes I’ll be doing virtual studio visits via Zoom, and other times I’ll be doing an IG Live or Facebook Live or simply posting about my work.

 Earlier this month, I caught up with fellow artist, friend, and Penn MFA Alumna, Jamal Cyrus and we had a fairly extensive studio visit (2hrs and 10 minutes on Zoom)  talking about our art projects in relation to their aesthetic traditions and references, Black culture and Islamic rituals. We had a lot of conversation about performance in Pt 1 of this video – I’ve broken the video down into four parts and for easier digestion. Please enjoy Pt 1 this week.

I took the time to make time-stamps on the video, and added a table of contents, so please take advantage of that feature in the YouTube Video to navigate to different topics and artworks within the recording. 

Also, if you would like to do a virtual studio visit with me, schedule one using the calendar below! And, lastly, if you aren’t already on my email list, get on it please!

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