Still Alive, Alhamdullilah

Was there ever a period of your life where your first thought upon waking up was “I’m still alive, alhamdullilah.”? That’s how Bisan Wizard, a Palestinian activist, filmmaker, and content creator, starts her messages on her Instagram broadcasting channel where she shares updates about herself and her community in real time as they face Israeli attacks, genocideContinue reading “Still Alive, Alhamdullilah”

One Body.

One of my personal highest values is connection. It’s a running thread in all of my artistic projects, and it’s what motivates me to create art in the first place; to move from inspiration to action. Art is my way of connecting to my higher self, and aligning my mind, body, and spirit with the world.Continue reading “One Body.”

Honoring Indigenous People Day!

Today we come together to celebrate and commemorate the rich cultures and histories of the Indigenous American Peoples. My practice is hugely influenced by culture and history, and I’ve emphasized time and time again the necessity of connecting to them. This doesn’t just stop at our individual communities. Communities come together to shape society, andContinue reading “Honoring Indigenous People Day!”


The USA has been experiencing record-breaking heat but, and his might sound strange, because I lived in Egypt for six years, as a result I developed a high tolerance for heat and if it’s not above 95 degrees I don’t really feel it. It wasn’t always this way for me, but it’s amazing how our bodies can adapt toContinue reading “GUYANA HERE I COME!”


I’ve put together this guide of available artworks and how you can purchase them according to your aesthetic needs and budget. I have also made some updates to my Website, so head over there for a more in depth look into my practice and my different projects. My Plateaus series which is inspired by the sufiContinue reading “A GUIDE TO BUYING NSENGA KNIGHT’S ARTWORKS”

Fitra painting series launch, my Queens Museum studio, and finding the Aida Opera – a Cairo original in the Archives

Last week was the launch of the Fitra: Amber watercolor series on Artfare’s website. The Instagram takeover went brilliantly and I’m so grateful for the love and support I was shown throughout it. I went live to share more about the series with my community and you can still watch the videos on my FacebookContinue reading “Fitra painting series launch, my Queens Museum studio, and finding the Aida Opera – a Cairo original in the Archives”

The Timbuktu African Manuscripts, Omar Ibn Said and Ibrahim Sori: An Islamic, Black Muslim and Black American Intellectual Continuum

I share why the Timbuktu manuscripts and the writings of African Muslims who were enslaved in America – like Omar Said and Ibrahim Sori are important to my artistic practice, and why they are an important opportunity for all of us to learn more about ourselves (especially Black people and Muslims) from those who came before us.  

A Deeper Connection to Cairo

When I first moved to Cairo, I admittedly felt a little lost. I didn’t understand the language, I felt like I looked so different from most the people who I passed by from day to day, and I had a hard time wrapping my mind around how I might continue to grow as an artistContinue reading “A Deeper Connection to Cairo”

Hajj Inspired Art Pt4: Abandonment

“Hajj is the combination of Tawaf and Sa’y. It resolves the contradictions that have confused mankind throughout history” -Ali Shariati  When we celebrate and think about the Eid, and why we are celebrating, and the Hajj and what it is, I’m always going to bring up Hajjar, inshaAllah. Alot of people avoid talking about her story because itContinue reading “Hajj Inspired Art Pt4: Abandonment”